Fee Options

Many people tend to ask what we charge before we have any idea what their

  1. goal is, and
  2. what they are eligible for, and
  3. what are they authorizing us to do, and
  4. for how long.

For Contractual clients only, the 4 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) billing CHOICES are;


For years callers have called and immediately asked what do we charge. TO DO WHAT exactly? Our cornerstone of operations is multi-media MARKETING & financial PUBLIC RELATIONS. (as disclosed at the top of our company website homepage) But attracting capital is only 1 aspect of operations for a comprehensive IR media firm. Here is a list of other things we do;

Telemarketing is still the mainstay approach to target large audiences to include overseas investors like the EB-5 program. Algorithm marketing is gaining market share and is expected to be 50% of all marketing for all industries by 2020. Wall Street hedge funds already use this.

Telemarketing involves MULTIPLE FACTORS in determining price quotes. The following national telemarketing buyers guide lists about 10 factors. They are;

PARK AVE PR. firms or penny stock promoters or EB-5 telemarketing centers in Manhattan were surveyed and the median monthly rate is $25K. But it isn’t unusual for PR firms to also charge clients millions annually. This extreme range in prices is again due to MULTIPLE FACTORS in level of customer service that influences the DIRECTION & DURATION of an IR campaign. Survey details are;


Transactional fees are also known as commissions or a percentage of transactional value. Such values are not confined to capitalization. These fees can be REPETITIVE per each transaction. Such transactions are usually expedient AND under 30 days in duration such as ABL monetization of hard assets or hard money financing AND based on sources currently in database.

Any need to go “find” capital automatically means marketing. Refusal of first funder’s terms if offered prohibits any “shopping around” which is still asking for marketing. It should be noted we do not regard transactional fees as “success fees” which is deceptive as the burden of success is always on borrower to meet funding approval criteria which often doesn’t occur.

Here is our narrow niche of transactions that count for transactional fees as well as what the “sliding-scale” fees would be starting at 1% per transaction. This option is not available if client does not OWN & can PROVE validity of asset or have POF’s eligibility for hard money funding.


PARK AVE. PR firms, penny-stock promoters, or EB-5 telemarketing centers that charge fixed-rate fees can be monthly or sometimes quarterly or annually and based on national SOP can require a retainer for staffing and logistical operational costs.


Our US Vet-owned IR firm is rolling out a version of flat-rate deferred e-payment for (1 size fits all) CRM fees prorated on a monthly or quarterly basis (O.A.C). beginning Labor Day 2015 (sooner depending on demand). This option allows for comprehensive customer staffing support for MARKETING, ANALYSIS, ADVISORY etc., etc. for 1 year.

This option disregards the number of transactions within a year and is ideal for those clients that have DIVERSIFIED & RECURRING transactional needs of at least $10M but preferably over $100M per year. The latter that do can realize an annual CRM fee cost savings of 60% less than typical “bird-dog” brokers fees of at least 1%.

Last but not least is the requirement of a client CONTRACT.

It’s unfortunate that in the 21st Century so many people still have to be explained the obvious; that if you are hiring a 3rd party service provider you need to hire them in writing. Even your auto mechanic has a carbon copy invoice (a contract) and has the legal right to confiscate your car if payment is not made for services provided.

Billing options 1-3 above have been disclosed on OPT-IN FEES on our company website homepage since 2007; and do require a client contract on THEIR own company letterhead specifying what our IR firm is being authorized to do and be paid and co-signed by principals. PO box addresses are not acceptable on contract.

We are transitioning to digital invoice contracts for the majority of future clients that use the CRM billing option #4.


If you have a current IR deadline and wish to be a client proceed to the CONTACT page at the top of this blogfeed.