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The central core operations of any PUBLIC RELATIONS (PR/IR) INVESTOR RELATIONS firm is consulting & marketing. And we are no different.

Despite biz development consulting & financial advisory services & financial marketing are not free nationwide; we provide a compromise in the form of a blogfeed that does a great job of online FREE advisory services that anticipate 80% of questions to most CRM strategy options & term sheet procedures of various specific sources of capital disclosed on blogfeed. Likewise, our company website does the same. If you want free advisory services then be sure to read both our website & blogfeed for at least 15 to 45 minutes.

After reading website & blogfeed proceed to the Intake Form and fill it out completely. Due to the high volume of window-shoppers and anonymous inquiries with no phone #, name, company, street address or valid email; we now require everyone to FILL OUT INTAKE FORM found on the LEFT column of this company website and above blogfeed link seen to the left.

After you have filled it out our IR call center staff will call or skype you for a 15-minute preliminary assessment to determine what is your goal/deadline/what you are authorizing us to do IF you were a contractual client. Do not phone or email us 50 page biz plans expecting us to analyze them prior to filling out Intake Form and demanding free analysis & advisory support for 45 to 90 minutes to be done by 1 person.

Filling out Intake Form does not make you a contractual client. If you have any procedural questions not already answered on the brief term sheet >summaries< then save them and ask the funders, lenders, investors, buyers, & sellers directly during the course of being an IR client. Remember, the blogfeed is a courtesy and not an expectation reflective of any other IR firm in the US. On blogfeed you can enter KEYWORDS in the predictive search bar on upper right corner relative to your question to often get answers in seconds.

*PLEASE NOTE: Read website & blogfeed then submit Intake Form and await reply from IR call center staff

(1) Current contractual clients who have already filled out Intake Form and have been assigned to an account executive may phone their AE in Las Vegas weekdays Pacific Time at (702) 369-2621 – 9a -5p M -TH and 9a – 2p F

For overseas callers: Skype: SinCityFinancier

Twitter: SinCityFinancer


* Our office hours reduce from a 5 day work week to 4 day beginning each mid-October thru mid-January. Enter “3 month holiday season” in blogfeed search bar for details. We are also closed 23 – 30 each November and 15 – 31 each December

(2) Email: provided after you fill out Intake Form and are contact by staff

(3) internet phone name is: SinCityFinancier

(4) Direct message us on

(5) Physical office: Current contractual clients requiring long-term customer service (fee option #4) can collaborate with their AE monthly by appointment only at the Innovation Center at the corner of I-215/Decatur located 10 minutes west of McCarran International Airport

(6) Client billing payments: Can be delivered to our company account in person to all US BANK locations in 25 states with credit card or wired directly (bank transfer coordinates on request)

(7) Client contracts / invoices: Can be submitted on clients own company letterhead co-signed by 2 principles or use Free invoices found on Long-term clients choosing fee option #4 on a deferred flat pro-rated basis will get standardized e-invoices.


GCC’s success matrix is defined by Wikipedia’s definition of an IR media firm. GCC’s prior success rates (which may or may not involve funding) does not influence capital markets approval criteria for current client funding requests. Only full cooperation by client to complete the due diligence process unique to each capital source will indicate statistical odds of approval. It is also common for fiduciary parties (to include M&A buyers/sellers) to request confidentiality regarding their transactions, and GCC honors such requests as a matter of policy. Clients can forgo their legal prerogative to maintain confidentiality by emailing such disclosure in writing on their company letterhead addressed to GCC.